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Last week, we stopped by Suna, Chef Johnny Spero’s technique-driven restaurant above Acqua al Due in Eastern Market.  We were there to see if they could provide us with a list of the dishes we enjoyed at a birthday dinner back in December.  As it turns out, our timing couldn’t have been worse.

On Friday, Tom Sietsema broke the news that Suna would close after Saturday’s dinner service.  Just today, he released his much-less-than-positive review that had already gone to print before the restaurant announced its closure.  While it doesn’t look like Tom will be shedding any tears over the closure, we’re sorry to see Suna go.

Considering the fact that Sietsema’s dinners and ours seemed to include many of the same dishes, how did we come away with such a different opinion?  Some thoughts after the jump. (more…)


Suna restaurant closed last Saturday. 



Gather round, children, and listen to a tale of a forgotten age.  In those days, young professionals who wanted to expand their circles of friends beyond their former classmates and coworkers had few choices.  From this confusion emerged a few enterprising souls who attempted to bring order: operating list-servs that provided a rundown of upcoming activities, turning to the Style section and its blogs for a calendar of events, even going so far as to create websites and companies dedicated to organizing activities and events that individuals and small groups could attend.

With the opening of LivingSocial’s new space at 918 F Street, NW, those dark days are all but a thing of the past.  Want to impress a date with a multi-course dinner from one of the hottest chefs in town? Check.  Looking for a chill night out with some friends, some wine, and some art? Check again.  Want to expand your wardrobe with a one-off sample sale or a local merchants’ showcase? Yeah, they’ve got those, too.

Full Disclosure: We were invited to check out a recent pop-up beer pairing dinner from the team at Birch & Barley as an opportunity to see 918 F Street for ourselves.

While there, we got a quick tour of the space and a media kit from Communications Director Maire Griffin.  All of the images used in this post (with the exception of the pop-up menu) come from that kit, which was stored on the world’s smallest USB drive.

Take a look around the 120 year-old space with us and watch your calendar fill up after the jump. (more…)