Kora LogoIf you’ve been watching Twitter or reading some of our fellow bloggers from NoVA, then you know that Kora, Chef Morou Ouattara’s new restaurant, has been days away from opening for, well, days now.  There were rumors they would open last Monday.  Then delays led to a goal of Thursday – which became Friday or Monday.

Chef Morou got some good news yesterday, though, and he wasted no time in sharing it with his fans by tweet.  With all of the necessary permits and paperwork in place, Kora has gotten the green light from the city of Arlington and will be opening its doors officially at lunch on Thursday.  Bye-bye Bebo, hello Kora.

We caught up with Chef Morou (he prefers to be called by his first name) at the restaurant, where he was getting ready for the opening, and asked him a few questions about the new place and how it will – and won’t – compare to Farrah Olivia:

Image from Kora website

Image from Kora website

Capital Spice: Thanks for taking a few minutes to chat with us, Chef.  By now a lot of people have talked about what Kora is going to look like and what will be on the menu.  But how would you describe this restaurant relative to Farrah Olivia?
Morou Ouattara: This is definitely not going to be Farrah Olivia, though we’re certainly going to be give the same close attention to the quality of the food and the service as we did there.  Kora is meant to be more cost-conscious…more casual.  But we want people to see that these things don’t mean that we’re going to be cutting corners.

CS: Will you be the only one coming over to Kora?
MO: With Farrah Olivia closing temporarily, we’ve been able to bring quite a few staff over to the new restaurant.  My wife, Heather, will be handling the front of the house as she did [at Farrah Olivia].  And much of the kitchen staff at Kora will be coming with me.

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