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I passed the storefront countless times: heading to CVS, picking up my dry cleaning, depositing a check.  Each time, I found myself staring in the window and wondering what was going on behind the brown paper.  I found out last week, and as of Monday Pound Coffee’s new location is officially open.  And not a moment too soon, it turns out.

Pound the Hill, as they’re calling their new digs, was meant to be the second space for one of NOMA’s earliest arrivals.  The plan was to keep the original open, get the new space up and running, and maybe even look ahead to another location when the time was right.  On Monday, Eater DC reported that the NOMA shop was closing for good, the victim of a landlord dispute and fortunate timing.

We stopped by to take a First Look around the Capitol Hill space just over a week ago, and the reports of early crowds come as no surprise.  The coffee has always been a hit – Pound is the only coffee shop on the East Coast carrying Kickap00 Coffee, Roast Magazine’s 2010 Roaster of the Year and purveyor of “organic, fair trade, artisan-roasted,” and their Nutella latte has a rabid following.  Couple that with the welcoming space we found when we visited and you’ve got the makings of a new neighborhood destination.

We’ve got more pictures, an overview of what visitors can expect, and some big news for Hill staffers after the jump.



Jennifer Weiner, an insanely talented and successful novelist, once described her daily writing routine: A nanny comes to her home in Philadelphia every day to watch her daughter while Weiner walks around the corner to her favorite coffeeshop to write for about 4 straight hours. End workday. As soon as I heard her describe this my head snapped up and I said to myself “that’s what I want.” There is a lot implied with this type of workday. First of all, she’s successful enough to write full time, not squeeze it around a 40+ hour desk jockey work week like most writers I know. Secondly, she can afford regular help based on her writing income. And, perhaps most notable to food and coffee devotees, she lives within walking distance of a coffeeshop that is awesome enough to draw her in every single day.

Regardless of one’s career aspirations, that third piece really hits home for a lot of us.  An area isn’t a neighborhood unless there is a destination-worthy coffeehouse nestled around some corner.  I challenge you to name a great neighborhood in DC that doesn’t have a coffee shop of pride. Eastern Market? Peregrine. Clarendon? Northside Social. DuPont? Teaism. H St NE? Take your pick of Sidamo, Sova, or Ebenezers.

Lately we’ve been exploring what other neighborhoods have to offer so no matter where you go, you’ll be able to caffeinate yourself at a moment’s notice.

photo courtesy of The V Word

Tryst – Adam’s Morgan
Let me hook my thumbs into my suspenders and remind you that back in myyyy day, Tryst was just about the only coffee/lounge game in town unless you considered Starbucks or its cousins an option. Tryst is the grandaddy of the DC coffeehouse scene. Like a hipster church, you can mark your weekly calendar by the Sunday morning gathering of young urbanites sipping coffee and enjoying a pastry along with their free wi-fi. Some of them may have even been there the previous evening, when Tryst turns from Friends-style coffehouse to casual lounge with cocktails and light food on the menu. Service can struggle at times – not surprising considering the ebb and flow of the crowd – but Tryst continues to serve as a happy starting point for many an epic night out in Adam’s Morgan.
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sidamo-exteriorH Street is getting plenty of publicity lately, with popular dining locations like Granville Moore’s and Sticky Rice and nightlife destinations such as the Rock n’ Roll Hotel and the Red & the Black.  And with Joe Englert’s next big project - the H Street Country Club – just a few weeks from opening, the eastern end of the street is about to get even hotter.

Unless you live in the neighborhood, though, it’s likely you’ve never heard of one of the real hot spots on H Street.  For a little over two years, Sidamo Coffee & Tea has been drawing in crowds with the smell of fresh-roasted coffee beans and a welcoming atmosphere.

Coffee connoisseurs may perk up at the name – Sidamo is a province in Ethiopia whose coffee beans are prized for their rich, spicy aroma and flavor.  And those Sidamo beans can definitely be found here, as can other Ethiopian varieties like Yergacheffe and Harrar.  Owners Kenfe Bellay and his wife, Mimi, are both from Addis Ababa, and their love for the coffee of their homeland shows through in every cup.  They also make it a point to buy fair-trade, shade-grown coffee beans; the former because those growers are “their family,” and the latter because Kenfe believes they just taste better.

More about this true neighborhood gem – including their cafe-style menu and some additional pictures - after the jump. (more…)


<<EDIT 11/4 @ 10 AM:  As you might expect, we’re not the only ones on the Internets spreading the word about rewards for voting.  DCist has what might be the best of the bunch – a free cheese plate at Dino – and Endless Simmer clues us in to Top Chef Spike’s largesse in the form of a free brownie or cookie at Good Stuff Eatery.>>

There are plenty of reasons to vote: civic responsibility, a desire for real change, the right to complain about the outcome after the fact.  But we all know those just aren’t enough for some of us…and it’s getting harder and harder for politicians to outright buy our votes.

So what’s in it for you this year?  Plenty, as long as you’re willing to load up on sweets and treats.  Your “I Voted!” sticker is like a grown-up version of a Halloween costume on Election Day, allowing you to trick-or-treat your way to free food and drinks throughout the city. 

Coffee, tacos and Bourbon are just a few of the democra-licious incentives to cast a vote tomorrow – find them and more after the jump: (more…)


That weekend trip to Eastern Market not quite the same since Murky Coffee closed?  Been sucking it up and buying your morning latte from Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts or – perish the thought – making it yourself at home before heading out?

Pressing your nose up against the glass each time you walk by to try to see behind the newspapers that have obscured the shop from view these past few months?  (Don’t judge…I KNOW I’m not the only one who’s been doing this!)

In any event, your wait is over!  This morning Ryan Jensen and his band of baristas threw open the doors of Peregrine Espresso for free drinks from 7-9 AM.  Facebook friends and those who were just passing by were treated to some of the first fruits of Peregrine’s gleaming La Marzocco espresso machine and their impressive micro-brew rig.

Although they’re not yet open for business (they’re waiting on a health inspection which should happen this afternoon), Ryan hopes to be ready to meet the morning rush at 7 AM tomorrow and then be open for business all weekend.

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