The Obama beer summit with Sgt. Jim Crowley and the Harvard professor he arrested, Henry Louis Gates Jr., featured Budweiser (Obama’s choice), Blue Moon (cop choice), and Red Stripe Sam Adams Light (Prof’s choice, a departure from his announced favorite). 
Annapolis restaurants put an increased focus on eco-dining. 

An anti-bottled water campaign kicks off. The premise of the campaign is that they will mirror ‚Äúlies from the bottled water company‚ÄĚ in their own media.
DC Plate checks out Dukem. 
How to culture your own butter. 
Nduja, an unusual Italian ingredient, is gaining popularity. Made with pig-head bits (sans cheeks) and flecked with red pepper, it resembles a soft salami.  
The 10 best cities for local food. 
Bethesda fruit stand controversy!  
PQ Living shares some of their favorite downtown restaurants. 
Dangerously Delicious Pies, which we visited in Baltimore this summer, is coming to H St. BYT has the scoop. 
Never one to be outdone, Bill Clinton visited a local DC burger haunt, Z Burger. So Good has the dirt and Young & Hungry has some gripes. 

Knob Creek Bourbon turns its shortage into an advertising strategy.

DC Foodies tries smoked pork butt.  
Cheesetique is now carrying Wicked Bread, artisanal bread by Patrick Deiss. 
Alabama bans wine with naked nymph image on the label.  
All hail the French Fry Phone.

What is your generation’s preferred comfort food? 
Behold, the ultimate spork.
A dumpling and ramen bar is coming to H St. NE, courtesy of the same guys who brought you Sticky Rice.