Good news, Eastern Market!  At 11 AM tomorrow, Pitango Gelato will open its third DC location next door to the original Peregrine Espresso.  Damn – now I’m craving an affogato.

When we got word that tomorrow would be opening day, we immediately took a walk over to Eastern Market to check out the space.  We had been watching the construction with interest, but the news that they were ready still took us by surprise.  What we saw when we got there was a Pitango shop that was just about ready for business.

A few more shots of the interior after the jump.

If you’re familiar with Pitango, you know that the locally-owned company has a thing for what they call “extreme ingredients.”  Don’t worry – this isn’t Andrew Zimmern territory.  Rather, Pitango has gone the extra mile to secure locally grown, high-quality milk, eggs and produce.  They even went so far as to build their own dairy on an organic farm in Pennsylvania so they could source their own milk from grass-fed cows.  They’re proud of that story (and rightly so), sharing pictures and details as some of the few adornments to the shop’s butter-yellow walls.

Just in time for the three-day weekend (not to mention the usual weekend crowds at the market), they’ll be scooping their luxuriously thick and silken treats.  Opening day flavors include Pitango favorites like vanilla chocolate chip (stracciatella), pistachio and caffe espresso.  For those who’d prefer to hold the dairy, they’ve got tempting sorbets with flavors like local quince, chocolate noir and lemon.

Pitango opens in the former Greenworks space, but they’ve already succeeded in making the shop feel like it’s been there forever.  A marble-topped counter sits front and center, with individual canisters for each of the day’s flavors nestled inside.  Behind the counter stands a prep table, and behind that are the large but whisper-quiet refrigeration units.  It’s a spare arrangement, but it still manages to convey warmth and a friendly atmosphere (the smiling faces behind the counter certainly help).

You won’t find any opening day giveaways or specials here: founder and CEO Noah Dan prefers to let the product speak for itself through word of mouth and positive experiences.  That could be a good thing if you’re looking to be one of the first to check out the new location, though at this point there are plenty of folks who are familiar with just what a tasty treat Pitango gelato can be on a hot day.   Either way, we expect it won’t be too long before Pitango becomes a regular part of many people’s Eastern Market weekends.

Pitango Gelato
660 Pennsylvania Ave., SE (on the 7th Street side)
Washington, DC
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